Getting StartedΒΆ

redis-completion was designed to make type-ahead search easy to integrate with your existing app. Assuming you have followed the installation notes, lets get started building a simple stock symbol lookup. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded a list of symbols and company names, which can be found here:

Let’s get started by writing a script to populate our index by pulling the file down, reading its contents, then storing a mapping of company name -> symbol so we can easily search for companies we’re interested in.


This code can be found in the examples

import urllib2
from redis_completion import RedisEngine

engine = RedisEngine(prefix='stocks')

def load_data():
    url = ''
    contents = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
    for row in contents.splitlines()[1:]:
        ticker, company = row.split('\t')
        # id, search phrase, data
        engine.store_json(ticker, company, {'ticker': ticker, 'company': company})

def search(p, **kwargs):
    return engine.search_json(p, **kwargs)

Save this script to a file and open up an interactive shell:

>>> from stocks import *
>>> load_data() # this may take a few seconds

Excellent, we’ve loaded all the data and can now perform searches on it:

>>> search('uni sta')
[{u'company': u'Strats Sm Trust For United States Cellular Corp',
  u'ticker': u'GJH'},
 {u'company': u'United States Cellular Corp.', u'ticker': u'USM'},
 {u'company': u'United States Cellular Corp.', u'ticker': u'UZA'},
 {u'company': u'United States Steel Corp.', u'ticker': u'X'}]

>>> search('shi co')
[{u'company': u'International Shipholding Corp.', u'ticker': u'ISH'},
 {u'company': u'Shinhan Financial Group Co Ltd', u'ticker': u'SHG'},
 {u'company': u'Teekay Shipping Corp.', u'ticker': u'TK'}]

>>> search('prog')
[{u'company': u'Progress Energy Inc.', u'ticker': u'PGN'},
 {u'company': u'Progressive Corp.', u'ticker': u'PGR'}]